Our measurement accessories fulfill all current safety standards for measurement technology across all measurement categories: from low- to high-voltage systems; from MULTILAM plugs that are not touch-protected to touch-protected dolphin clips; from test clips and adapters to cables and multi-strand wires.

Many of our products are particularly suited for use at high measuring voltages and higher frequencies. With our touch protected probes for oscilloscopes and corresponding accessories, we also cover applications in the area of high-frequency measurement.

T&M line

Whether for testing, measuring or diagnosis of components and systems, our innovative test accessories offer you the performance, dependability and repeatability you need.

HF line

The HF product range includes passive and active high-frequency test probes and accessories as well as touch-protected BNC plug connectors, leads, adapters and converters.

Cable line

Our many years of experience in the production of multistrand wires with PVC, silicone and TPE insulation form the basis of our quality and manufacturing standard in this field.

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